Hello, I am

Akshat Sharma.


Image by Richard Harris on Unsplash.

About me

I recieved a Bachelors in software engineering from San Jose State University in 2015, and I am currently pursuring masters in Software Engineering at SJSU(graduating May2020). I am passionate about software development, and I am specially enjoying full stack web development as a Research Assistant in SJSU these days.

Few technologies I have been working with recently.

C Language
React (Next.js)
Google Cloud Platform
Amazon Web Services IoT

Work Experience

Research Assistant

at San Jose State University

Oct2019 - Present

  • Implemented a Node.js service that gathers live data from IoT devices using AWS IoT and GCP Pub/Sub, and pushes it to Firebase database.
  • Hosted the IoT Node.js service , and a dashboard web app on GCP Compute Engine.
  • Currently implementing a map based dashboard using Next.js and React that will display live values from Firebase. Using socket.io to implement client-server notification system


Ryu Dashboard

Due to lack of any user interface for Ryu controller, implemented a React dashboard that displays details(flows, ports) of a network's switches based on the network's Ryu controller. Used Next.js for backend, and Mininet to simulate network topology.

Node.js, Next.js, React, SCSS, Ryu Python API

IoT Dashboard

Implemented a dashboard with JavaScript that shows live locations, and sensor values of different devices. Implemented a custom event system that updates the locations', and sensor values' UI whenever new ones are recieved from AJAX call.

Node.js, Express.js, jQuery, Google Maps API, Firebase, AWS, GCP


An android application that facilitates carpooling for university students developed with native android framework.

Native Android, Java, XML

Perpetual Zen

A workspace theme for Awesome Window Manager with various toggleable components.

Ubuntu18.04, AwesomeWM, Lua

Built with Next.js and Chakra UI.

See it on Github.